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Ensure Your Child is Ready for the School Year with an Annual Physical

The summer seems to go quicker every year, and before you know it, it’s time to send your child back to school again. Getting ready for their return can be fraught with many different things to do and think about. However, one thing that you should always make time for is an annual pediatric physical exam.

Vision Screening for Children: Why It's Important

Seeing your kids succeed in school is a vital part of being a parent. Good vision is necessary for children to thrive in school. Many learning activities such as writing, reading, using computers, and even sports require excellent visual ability. 

What’s Involved in Pediatric Hearing Screening

According to the American Pediatric Association, hearing issues in infants and young children can have serious repercussions. The ability to hear is a basic aspect of a child’s language development. A child can find it challenging to understand and speak words even with temporary hearing loss. That is why you should bring your child in for a pediatric hearing screening. If you want to understand what this comprises, here is what you should know.

Getting a Sports Physical for Your Child

Before your child enrolls to play any sport, he or she should get a sports physical exam. Some schools conduct the screening, while others will need you to take the child for the exam. A sports physical ensures that your child is fit to play a specific sport. It screens for any health problems that could prove problematic when playing.

Importance of Annual Wellcare Visits

The American Pediatric Society recognizes the importance of annual well-care visits in children. This crucial health check starts immediately after your child’s birth. It continues until your child is old enough to see a physician for adults. If you want to start your child’s annual well-care visits soon, here’s what you should know about how important they are.

How Vaccines Strengthen your Baby’s Immune System

Contrary to what many people believe, babies aren’t born with no or low immunity. In fact, their little immune systems are already developed enough to be able to fight off most germs. However, it is the serious and potentially deadly diseases that their immune system isn’t yet equipped to handle. As a result, they need to have vaccines to strengthen their immune system and keep them safe from these harmful diseases. 

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