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Essential Tips for Preventing Outdoor Activity Injuries in Children

One of the things that makes childhood magical and memorable is the thrill of playing and exploring outdoors.

What to Do When Your Child Has a Fever

The emergence of a fever in your child can cause you much concern. Whether it is a mild temperature or a high fever, it is never easy to see your little one feeling unwell. But a fever is not always a reason for alarm, which is good news. 

The Purpose and Effectiveness of Vaccines for Children

Some individuals are concerned about vaccine safety, but vaccines can save lives and prevent the spread of disease. Failing to vaccinate your child can put them at risk of contracting a dangerous and even deadly disease. Getting vaccinated is better than trying to treat a disease. Many of the worst childhood diseases have been eliminated thanks to vaccination.

8 Tips for Finding the Right Pediatrician for Your Child

Choosing the best optometrist for your child is essential. But considering how crucial this decision is for your child can overwhelm you. The pediatrician you choose will share a long-term relationship with your child and you as the parent or guardian. These eight tips will help make it easy to find the right pediatrician for your child.

Preparing for Athletics With a Sports Physical

The new school year is just around the corner, and like many parents, you could be preparing your child for the sports season this fall. Whether your child's school requires a sports physical or not, the assessment is necessary for participation.

Preparing for a Healthy Summer with an Annual Wellcare Visit

Summer is just around the corner, and many children will already be counting down the days until school’s out and they can enjoy long, sunny weeks hanging out with their friends. All parents want their kids to be able to enjoy the warmer weather and downtime from school, but for them to make the most of it, they need to be as healthy as possible going into the summer season.

Is It Winter Cold or COVID-19?

Preventing viral illnesses, such as the flu, is a top priority during the cold season. As COVID-19 continues to spread, many people with certain symptoms might wonder whether they have the common cold or COVID-19. These two conditions have several similarities. Furthermore, both can manifest differently, with milder or stronger symptoms. 

Parenting Tips for Newborn Care and Safety

Bringing a newborn home is an experience like no other. Parents experience an unexplainable joy. Along with it, it is perfectly fine to experience a sense of worry and unpreparedness, especially for first-time parents.

Ensure Your Child is Ready for the School Year with an Annual Physical

The summer seems to go quicker every year, and before you know it, it’s time to send your child back to school again. Getting ready for their return can be fraught with many different things to do and think about. However, one thing that you should always make time for is an annual pediatric physical exam.

Vision Screening for Children: Why It's Important

Seeing your kids succeed in school is a vital part of being a parent. Good vision is necessary for children to thrive in school. Many learning activities such as writing, reading, using computers, and even sports require excellent visual ability. 

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