Preparing for Athletics With a Sports Physical

Preparing for Athletics With a Sports Physical

Preparing for Athletics With a Sports Physical

Preparing for Athletics With a Sports Physical

Are you planning your child's sports physical?

The new school year is just around the corner, and like many parents, you could be preparing your child for the sports season this fall. Whether your child's school requires a sports physical or not, the assessment is necessary for participation.

Studies show that over 60 percent of all sports injuries occur during practice. With over 45 million children playing sports every year, ensuring that your child is fit to play is the most crucial step in preparing for the big match.


What Is a Sports Physical?

A sports physical at Advanced Pediatrics PC assesses whether a child is healthy enough to take part in sports safely. 

The term sports physicals may seem to do with school-age participants, but players of all ages can take the exam. It can be a way to check for health problems that may put them at a higher risk for injury while on the field.


What Does a Sports Physical Entail?

A sports physical has two main parts: health history and physical checkup.


Health History

Your child may have to fill in a health history form with your help. It may require answers to questions about:


  • Genetic health conditions in the family

  • Allergies

  • Health problems your child may currently be having

  • Your child could be taking any medications, including dietary supplements and prescription and non-prescription medicines

  • Past surgeries or hospitalizations

  • Previous injuries, including sprains, concussions, or fractured bones

  • Whether your child has ever experienced trouble breathing, felt light-headed, or passed out during practice

The doctor will ask about testicles if your child is male or menstruation if your child is female. The doctor will also ask about alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or performance-enhancing pills such as steroids.

Give honest details about your child's family health history. Dig deep into your family's health background to ensure that you provide accurate answers rather than guessing. 


Physical Checkup

During a physical checkup, the doctor will perform some assessments. These include:


  • An evaluation of your child's height and weight

  • An eye checkup

  • A blood pressure check

  • A heart rate and rhythm check

  • A heart and lungs assessment

  • A muscle, bone, and joint examination


Why Is a Sports Physical Necessary?

The physically inactive lives of children and teenagers worldwide have become a public health crisis. The result of these inactive lifestyles is that young people are not usually ready for the rigors of athletics. Thus, the increase in youth involvement in sports in the United States has seen a surge in sports-related injuries.

It is unclear whether the increase in injuries is related to the increased number of players or higher injury rates among these young athletes. Whatever the case, young athletes appear to be at a higher risk of getting injured while playing sports. Experts believe that inadequate physical preparation plays a role in most of these injuries. That is why preparing your young athlete with a sports physical is necessary.

For more on preparing for athletics with a sports physical, visit Advanced Pediatrics PC at our office in Elmhurst or Jackson Heights, New York. You can also call (718) 271-2600 to book an appointment today.

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